Empower your business with cutting edge solutions

    • Custom LLMs

      Unlock the potential of custom large language models (LLMs) tailored specifically to your business. Simplify complex language tasks. Increase document reading efficiency!

    • Vision AI

      Experience the power of versatility with our game-changing vision system. Whether it's improving quality on assembly lines or providing convenient keyless entry into offices, our solution does it all.

    • AI discovery call

      We'll dive into your business and come up with details on how to supercharge it! Includes:

      -Feasibility assessments

      -Use case identification

      -Performance evaluation

    • Smoc AI

      Innovating a 100% commission based digital lead collecting system that gets you a minimum of twice the website leads!

    • Movel AI

      Developed a custom system that reduced deployment costs by at least 6K USD per 10 robots.

    • Mechanized AI

      Providing heavy-hitter cutting-edge AI tech to companies in the $250M league. Everything you think of can be done.

      Recently did a major job for IBM in record time!

    About Us

    For our inhouse service, we offer pretty much anything within the AI space. We've got 25+ clients, including Toyota!

    Our AI marketplace is where you can scroll through AI solutions for reducing costs, improving productivity, etc. The AI partners offer creative, innovative solutions in areas you simply wouldn't believe!

    Leverage Lesta's comprehensive AI development expertise to maximize your business potential!

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